Open Case

  Name: Alex Teehee

Intentionally struck by a vehicle while walking down Sibley Bay Street in Port Charlotte, FL

North Port, FL | 2008-07-13

Cause of Death: Struck by Motor Vehicle

Case Data

Alex Teehee phoned Michael Sylvester in search of ecstasy on the evening of July 13th, 2008, he left a message on Sylvester’s answering machine. At this time, Sylvester was living with the Loosman family.

It is believed the message was first heard by Linda Loosman who angrily called Sylvester and her son Ralph Loosman to relay the message.

Sylvester called Nicole Copersino to see if Alex as trustworthy to “front” drugs. He then left a series of voicemails on Alex’s phone in retaliation for the original message intercepted by “his mom.” When they finally spoke, Sylvester agreed to meet Alex.

Alex had been staying with his friend, Richard Keefe (23002 Seneca Avenue, Charlotte Harbor, FL) for a short period of time. Keefe did not want Sylvester (a known dealer and gang member) in his home and told Alex to meet him somewhere else.

Frustrated, Sylvester agreed. He instructed Alex to meet him in a hotel parking lot a short distance away and told him to come along. Alex left the residence of Richard Keefe at approximately 10:45pm. In order to remain in touch with his friends, he kept Keefe on an open line on his cell phone; also at the house and listening was Heather Kicker.

At approximately 11pm, Michael “Cambo” Sylvester arrived with Ralph Loosman and Matthew Tricarico in Loosman’s blue 2001 Nissan Xterra SUV. Whether or not Alex entered the vehicle is unknown.

Shortly after the others arrived, Keefe and Kicker heard Alex say “whoa, whoa, where are we going?!?” Then the squeal of tires and the line went dead.

The vehicle rapidly accelerated from a parked position northbound on Sibley Bay Street, the driver (Loosman) lost control and they swerved uncontrollably near the intersection of Sibley Bay Street and Central Avenue then sped away.

A local resident, Cheri Lowe, spotted Alex lying in the road when returning from fishing nearby. She called 911 and remained on the line until authorities arrived.

Her roommate, William Widdon, also spoke to the 911 operator. He reported hearing an argument before spotting their vehicle. Shortly after, he heard the squeal of tires. He specifically tells the 911 operator the vehicle was a dark colored Xterra.

When Richard Keefe and Heather Kicker arrived on scene, the police gave Keefe Alex’s cellphone. The voicemails from Michael Sylvester were discovered shortly after.

Alex was a 20 year old father of two little boys (he had full custody of the kids, unusual for a guy…especially such a young one). He was walking down a street in Charlotte Harbor, FL, in July of 2008 when he was hit and left for dead. The investigation seems to indicate that this was NOT an accident.

The Florida Highway Patrol’s initial investigation says Teehee was likely hit on purpose when a car crossed the middle of the road making contact, it then made a u-turn, drove past Alex and left him to die. “Evidently there is enough evidence from witness statements that this was an intentional act.”

His father says they’ve even found threatening texts on his cell phone right before the crash. Tab Teehee says other witnesses have changed their story or are afraid to talk. “There are people who are involved with this that knew our son.”

The Teehees are offering a reward for information leading to their son’s killer. It stands to reason that someone must know something. It’s hard to believe in this little area, where gossip is everywhere, that no one has talked. Alex deserves justice. His parents deserve it. Most of all, his little boys deserve justice. They’re the ones who are now growing up without their dad.

Where is Michael Sylvester?

2013-02-20 07:48:46 - Posted By: Investigator

His initial statements were damning to Loosman and he vanished prior to the trial and is still missing - where is he hiding? Some speculate the Loosman family has hid him out of state - there are reports he has been in Arizona and California. Has anyone seen him recently?

2013-02-21 07:52:01 - Annonymous: What if Loosman killed him? After seeing that family on Dr. Phil I wouldn't put it past them to protect themselves. They're hiding something. When was the last time anyone has seen this guy? Maybe there's more blood on this kid's hands.

2013-02-26 11:31:17 - Annonymous: sadly, money talks, maybe a reward might sway the missing witnesses. despite trying to protect their son, how could rob's parents sleep knowing what they're doing

2013-02-27 09:03:01 - Annonymous: It gets much worth. Sounds like Rob's (who's real name is Ralph)sister is dating Michael Sylvester - this didn't come out on Dr. Phil but it explains why she was so protective. This whole family makes me sick.

2013-05-26 20:49:49 - Annonymous: This just aired in Australia! All I can say is that you could smell the guilt from cross the sea's, something is not right! I agree we an above post, it seems like the sister has or had a sexual relationship with MS, also I wouldn't put it past them if the disposed of the problem, so to speak! Little miss sister knows the truth, time for rob to give it up and spill the beans, he was extrely careful of his words, fear was amongst him! They know where MS is, what's odd though is why no one else knows, seems he's disappeared off the face of the planet..... I hope The Teehee family find justice, the truth always comes out! A Polygraph would be interesting, too bad it was refused! Goodluck and I look forward to seeing the murder charged one day!

2013-07-08 19:25:14 - Kiwi Observer: Yes just watched an episode here in NZ seems like Rob and his family are 100% guilty I have no doubt in my mind that Robs family are helping to cover up this mystery by hiding the dodgy criminal that is Michael Sylvester what a thug! Yuck! Disgusts me how they can live with themselves! Yes the truth will come out and they will all serve time in jail! C'mon justice prevail!!

2013-07-08 22:26:38 - Trixie: Just watched the programme too. How discusting in this day and age that there isn't some forensic proff to put "Rob/ Ralph" away without the testominy of MS. Made me mad!!!! New Zealand airing of Dr Phil programme

2014-02-24 20:23:50 - Annonymous: I just met someone who is close to Michaels Sylvester in southern California and he just went to jail for brutally abusing both his girlfriends so hopefully his justice will finally be served. I heard from a close friend of his that he did do the murder -hit&Run but got away with it because of lack of evidence and his family hid him well. even when Dr Phil went to their door the friend knew Michael was in the back of the house hiding. it's a very disgusting story and I couldn't keep it quiet but I want everyone to know he's probably going to serve 10 years hopefully more, which still isn't enough for a murder but his karma will keep biting him in the a** As he lives with his Doings! hope this will make some people feel good ...I'm so sorry for your loss with Alex he sounds like a wonderful boy

2014-04-11 01:46:09 - Annonymous: yep, hes in san diego county jail. now what?

2014-12-12 22:22:18 - John Henry3: If this family is really serious they should stop blaming the system period or it will never work for them. I feel their loss(it is all too close) and am deeply sorry for this injustice but take stock and get your online writing together. You cannot fight everyone, you lose and you have to make inroads, I do not any happening in what is posted, just rage, vengeance or injustice. Stop pointing fingers and start an investigation based on fact, interview witnesses, get the county on your side. Get a good lawyer/PI and fight to have the DA taken out over this politically, turn the tables on it all. I am just not sure if anyone(family) is capable enough or swift in this area to do so. Really feel for this terrible tragedy and have researched it but even get a good copy writer to re-do their supporting information and pleas is a first step, otherwise it is just trying to fight everyone it seems. Nobody is against them(for real) and the family deserves the truth.

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Where is Alex's clothing?

2011-09-25 10:49:11 - Posted By: Investigator

Alex's clothing was transported to the hospital with him, this is not normal protocol. The initial hospital informed the investigating officer that his clothing was transported to Lee Memorial. The hospital told Corporal Gissendanner they had his clothing but later they were unable to produce it.

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Do You Know Who Killed Me?

2011-07-24 12:40:27 - Posted By: Alex Teehee

Someone knows exactly what happened. What have you heard?

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Why hasn't Mason refiled charges against Looseman?

2011-07-24 10:20:22 - Posted By: Investigator

It's understandable that he would drop the initial case if key witnesses could not be located but as everyone now knows, one is in police care and the other is nearby. With both witnesses available, why hasn't Donald Mason refiled? Some believe he can't. We checked with a legal consultant who disagreed, "Looseman was never tried in this case so double-jeopardy would not apply. There is no 'legal' reason they can't press forward." This in mind, what is the REAL reason Looseman hasn't been charged and tried?

2013-02-19 07:44:55 - Annonymous: prob. because one of the three suspects has ties with law enforcement and like everyone in the world does they look after their own. Its a shame but thats what I believe. get off your corrupt asses and bring some to justice.

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Why was Alex Teehee Killed?

2011-07-24 10:15:13 - Posted By: Investigator

The vehicle was allegedly driven by Ralph Looseman with Michael Sylvester and Matt Tricarico either in the vehicle or nearby. Threatening messages left by Michael Sylvestor... Why did they want him dead? The reason has not been made clear.

2013-03-04 07:23:17 - Annonymous: Its possible that the police covered up the homicide to protect someone otherwise there would be justice. Where are the suuspects why arent they being questioned and why are they hiding? This family needs justice for their son and grandsons!!!!!!!!!!!

2014-05-23 13:47:19 - Misha: This is so sad. I can't believe the world still have so much injustice. This isn't right there has to be more that can be done. This is so unfair to Alex's family especially his boys whom he had custody of. I wish you all the luck in the world for justice for Alex and the boys. Your family is in my prayers

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