Name: W. Kenneth Ellis

Manatee Teacher Shot to Death Outside North Port Home

2500 Albren St North Port, Fl | 2011-03-29

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Solved: Katrelle Johnson, 19, has been charged with Ellis’ murder

Case Data

According to North Port police, Ellis and his wife were in their home around 10:15 Tuesday night, when they heard their doorbell ring. Neither could see anyone at the door. Ellis' wife told police that when Ellis stepped outside he was shot by two unknown subjects wearing dark clothing and masks. She told police there was no conversation, just the gunshots. She said the attackers then ran from the area. The report said neighbors reported that a dark-colored, four-door sedan was seen leaving the area. Anyone with information about the shooting should call the North Port Police Department at (941) 429-7382 or (941) 429-7300

Kenneth Ellis - Do you know who killed me?

2011-07-24 12:10:33 - Posted By: Kenneth Ellis

Who had motive? Who profited? Why would someone want me dead?

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