Open Case

  Name: Irving Sicherer

Dade County, Fl | 2001-07-23

Cause of Death: Unknown

Case Data

On July 25th, 2001, the bludgeoned body of Irving Sicherer was discovered in his home at 20515 E. Country Club Drive, Aventura, Florida. The victim was last seen via security camera accompanied by a dark skinned white male or Latin male entering the victim’s apartment on the evening of July 23rd, 2001. Mr. Sicherer was known to frequent gay bars and hangouts in both Dade and Broward Counties. He was accustomed to bringing young males of possible Latin decent to his home on numerous occasions. After committing the homicide, the subject stole the victim’s 94’ red / maroon Lincoln Mark VIII, 2 door coupe, which was recovered on July 25th in Hollywood, FL at a local beach parking lot located on Bougainvillea Terrace and Surf Road. Detectives are requesting the identification of the subject seen on security camera surveillance. He is needed for questioning only. The unidentified person is a dark skinned white male or being of Latin descent. He is between 20-25 years of age, 5’09-6’00, thin build, dark complexion, medium length side-burns, short hair and possibly has a scar, mark or tattoo on his upper right arm that extends downward to the elbow. The subject has a pronounced posture, with slumped shoulders and a jaunting forward chin and neck. Additional photos are available upon request of both the subject and the victim. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective J. Cumbie at 305-466-8989 ext. 8130 or call Dade County Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS

Do You Know Who Killed Me?

2011-07-24 12:40:27 - Posted By: Irving Sicherer

Someone knows exactly what happened. What have you heard?

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