Open Case

  Name: Melissa Howard

Found murdered in her home

Crestview, FL | 2006-01-06

Cause of Death: Stabbed & Head Trauma

Case Data

OKALOOSA COUNTY, Fl - On January 6, 2006, at approximately 11:00 P.M., the body of Melissa Lynn Howard was discovered by her daughter, and two other subjects in her Crestview home located on Tiffot Court. Ms. Howard had been brutally murdered in her home.

Ms. Howard, a surgical nurse at the North Okaloosa Regional Medical Center, was divorced and had been involved in long court battle with her ex-husband over child custody.

The Crestview Police Department, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), are investigating the murder. Anyone with information, please call Investigator Dick Trent, Crestview Police Department, at (850) 682-2055, or Special Agent (SA) Kenny Pinkard, FDLE, (800)226-8574 or email

Who knew Melissa Howard?

2011-07-30 12:44:49 - Posted By: Investigator

Most murderers know their victim; that doesn't mean any of these people know what happened but it does mean I'd like to talk to them: [b]Friends[/b] Jennifer Knudsen Jennifer Whittington James Scarborough Joan Scarborough Chris Cadenhead Daniel Breshower [b]Family[/b] Keri Howard (Daughter) Brian Howard (Ex Husband) Taylor Howard (Son) Janet Beal Gilsdorf (Mother) [b]Known Enemies[/b] Anyone? Anyone? [b]Investigating Officers[/b] Sgt Danny Crawford (Crestview PD) Richard Trent (Crewstview Investigator) John Cook (Crestview PD) Steve Desposidto (FDLE) Charlie Morris (Okaloosa County Sheriff) [b]Others[/b] David Cadle (Crestview Mayor) Tom McLughlin (Writer/Daily News)

2013-03-15 03:50:54 - Annonymous: Charlie Morris is no longer the Sheriff and is in prison for racketeering. Larry Ashley is the current Sheriff.

2013-09-28 13:55:55 - Annonymous: Interview Chester Curtis who was around 17 at the time. Was good friends with bobby Daniel odom

2016-09-05 08:05:53 - Annonymous: Why has nobody questioned Jason Hall? He was a good friend of the ex-husband and if you look closely, has no alibi. When Jason was asked by his ex-wife he he had anything to do with the murder he had no comment.

2016-11-11 18:32:10 - Annonymous: I am the ex wife of Jason Hall and the best friend of Missy. I never made this comment about Jason. I did ask him and he assured me he had nothing to do with this. He actually had our son with him at the time of the murder. MY son was questioned about his dad's activities that night to which he was with him 100% of that night!

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Chris Cadenhead - I was sleeping with Melissa Howard - did I kill her?

2011-07-30 12:42:52 - Posted By: Investigator

According to tips, Cadenhead along with Kari Howard (Melissa Howard's daughter) and Daniel Breshower (Kari's boyfriend) jimmied the lock at Melissa's home around 11pm on the night of the killing and discovered the body. Cadenhead was married and planning to break off the relationship. His UPS truck was impounded and investigated, he was questioned and released. Ok, I Have a few questions here - What is Cadenhead's wife's name? Where was she at the time of the murder? Did the police check? I hope so; woman scorned and all that... My kids don't know our UPS guy (granted, I'm not sleeping with him). How close was this guy to Howard's family?

2013-10-16 15:15:19 - noonee: Her name is Sherri Money Cadenhead. She works at an elementary school daycare. How do you feel about a potential murderer watching children?

2013-10-17 16:30:57 - Annonymous: to be honest I think it was the wife, the motive is all there. From what I have heard, she sounds like she would do it!

2014-01-09 07:42:04 - Resident: I have met Sherri in person several times. She is by no means a murderer. She has an air tight alibi. I believe the ex-husband, Brian Howard, had this murder committed. He had been in prison previously and claimed he knew hitmen. Also, they were in a bitter custody battle over their youngest child, their son, and she had just one custody. I believe that was the main motive.

2014-06-11 18:09:43 - Anonymous: I have also met Sherri. My son attends her childcare facility. I personally know that she has a temper, and is a control freak. She does irrational things, when faced with anger/ situations out of her control. I can easily see her finding out about the affair and freaking out in the heat of the moment. Also I'd like to know her "Air tight alibi" I think she did it.

2014-06-11 18:10:57 - Anonymous: I also know her personally.

2014-07-02 13:20:55 - Annonymous: The boyfriends name is/was actually Daniel Brethauer not Breshower....

2015-11-20 15:21:24 - Anon: The boyfriend's name (Sherri's husband) is Chris Cadenhead, driver for UPS. Sherri could never harm someone in such a way, even out of anger. If you believe that she would and that she is quick to anger & temper issues, I find it hard to believe you would allow your son to still attend her daycare.

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Brian Dean Howard - Did I kill Melissa Howard?

2011-07-30 12:40:28 - Posted By: Investigator

A witness (believed to be Ronnie Daughtry) told police Brian Howard had her killed. According to police reports, Brian Howard was at a restaurant at the time of Melissa's death... convenient? Planned? CSI has taught us all how to create a tight alibi - who or what actually placed him there? What restaurant? What do his cell phone records say? GPS records? Financial Records? Guns for hire don't work for free. If he had her killed, what was his motive? He may be the go-to bad-guy, but what reasons did he really have? Just being an ex doesn't mean squat.

2013-01-16 08:59:51 - Janet Gilsdorf : The unnamed ex husband is Brian Howard who lived in Niceville and he was having an affair with her hairdresser whom Brian married.

2015-11-20 15:24:02 - Anon: Motive.... Brian Howard (ex husband) had just lost a very drawn out 3 year custody battle with their youngest child. He had made comments that if she won, he would make sure he got his son back. He had not been long released from prison and made contacts in there.

2017-04-20 11:50:04 - Annonymous: If Brian was in crazy custody battle why did children live with him ? How come no other family got them they weren't in a crazy custody battle they been divorced three years it's all facts at courthouse why don't any one look up

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Do You Know Who Killed Me?

2011-07-24 12:40:27 - Posted By: Melissa Howard

Someone knows exactly what happened. What have you heard?

2015-11-26 19:19:41 - Judith: WOW what a great way to start your decade of the 40 s! Congratulations! This is very ecixting ..0f course I will send it on to all my friends .Today, just as it was 40 years ago, the sun is shining and the golden and red leaves are beautiful against the brilliant blue sky that very special event, 40 years ago, is certainly one of the reasons for autumn being my favourite season!With love from your Mum

2016-05-07 16:58:55 - Annonymous: Chris and Sherri are family to me. I stumbled onto this while doing a project and read it. I know for a fact that neither of them did it. They have two kids currently and love their family and everyone around them. Neither one killed her.

2016-11-09 09:35:52 - Anonymous : There has been an arrest in this case. Russel Holbrook has been charged with her murder. He was best friends with Brian, her ex husband. Chris and Sherri are also my family. There are a lot of people who owe them both an apology for slandering their names on this site!!

2016-11-09 22:11:22 - Jeremy: Russell Holbrook is not best friends with Brian Howard.

2016-11-11 14:02:09 - Anonymous: They may not be best friends now but they were pretty close friends. Check recent new articles interviewing Jennifer Knudsen. They all hung out together, had fish fries....

2016-11-11 15:11:16 - Annonymous: i just found this site while searching about David Russel Holbrook's arrest this week. Wow...accusing the wife of that UPS driver on a public forum without any evidence and using her full name and place of employment is very close to slander and grounds for a lawsuit. If anyone did that to me, I'd talk to an attorney.

2016-11-12 18:44:14 - Anonymous : It IS slander!! And I would be talking to an attorney too. I'd have this site shut down, the owner held responsible and I would petition to get the IP addresses of those making the accusations to sue their asses too. This site is nothing but a bunch of wannabe detectives who have zero inside information about this case and are reckless in making accusations against innocent people.

2017-04-12 13:39:40 - Annonymous: Russell has not been charged with the murder. He is being held while the case is still being investigated. A grand jury indictment is what put him in custody...that means they have suspicion, not proof. And Russell was not best friends with Brian. He was very close to Brian's sister and brother in law. Russell hung out with the sister and brother in law, and they also hung out with Brian which put all of them at plenty of get togethers even thought they weren't buddies.

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