Open Case

  Name: Stasny/Villegas Homicides

Charlotte County, Fl | 1991-12-19

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Case Data

During the early morning hours of December 19, 1991, a home invasion occurred at the residence of Paul and Rita Stasny of Port Charlotte, FL. Both Mr and Mrs Stasny died as a result of gunshot wounds. The Stasny residence was ransacked and several items and firearms were taken. The killers then proceeded to the residence of Luis and Donna Villegas in North Port, FL where forced entry was again made. Luis Villegas, Jr and his step-children Revonda Peay (13), Billy Ray Hall, Jr (11) and Richard Peay (9) were shot and killed. Juantis Peay (8) was also shot multiple times but survived. Donna Villegas was able to escape from the residence and call 911. The police arrived within minutes but the killers had fled. Anyone with information regarding this crime is urged to contact Special Agent Jim Myers of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement at (800)407-4880, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office at (941)639-2101 or the North Port Police Department at (941)423-3104.

Do You Know Who Killed Me?

2011-07-24 12:40:27 - Posted By: Stasny/Villegas Homicides

Someone knows exactly what happened. What have you heard?

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